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Courses CPS

Below you will find an overview of all courses that the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides. Due to the public access of this portal, course guides can be found in Teams.

An overview of the curriculum for CPS can be found here 

Year 1
FA-CPS101 Epidemiology and Clinical Development of New Drugs – Coordinator Daniala Weir
FA-CPS102 Body-drug Interactions – coordinator Freija ter Heegde
FA-CPS103 The Drug and the Cell – coordinator Monique Slijper
FA-CPS104 The Drug Molecule: properties and synthesis – coordinator Tom Wennekes

Year 2
FA-CPS212 Immunopharmacology – coordinator Astrid Hogenkamp
FA-CPS213 Psychopharmacology of the central nervous system – coordinator Erik Hendriksen
FA-CPS221 Analytical Methods – coordinator Frits Flesch
FA-CPS322 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Richard Scheltema

Year 3
FA-CPS380 Research project – coordinator Monique Slijper

FA-CPS111 Drug Development and Society – coordinator Ed Moret
FA-CPS222 Chemical Techniques – coordinator Frits Flesch
FA-CPS223 Cellular- and molecular Techniques – coordinator Frits Flesch
FA-CPS311T Organic Chemistry theoretical part – Roland Pieters 
FA-CPS311P Organic Chemistry practical part – coordinator John Kruijtzer
FA-CPS337 Bio-analysis – coordinator Frits Flesch
FA-CPS336T Psychoneuropharmacology theoretical part – coordinator Erik Hendriksen
FA-CPS336P Psychoneuropharmacology practical part – coordinator Erik Hendriksen
FA-CPS312T Medicinal Chemistry theoretical part Dirk Rijkers
FA-CPS312P Medicinal Chemistry practical part – coordinator John Kruijtzer
FA-CPS339T Advanced Immunopharmacology theoretical part – coordinator Paula Perez-Pardo
FA-CPS339P Advanced Immunopharmacology practical part – coordinator Paula Perez-Pardo
FA-CPS231 Innovations in Pharmaceutics – coordinator Bas Ravensteijn 
FA-CPS333 Pharma and Nutrition: advances in specialized clinical nutrition – coordinator Linette Willemsen
FA-CPS338 Advanced Pharmaco-epidemiology – coordinator Rob Heerdink
FA-CPS230 In vitro models of disease for pharmacology – coordinator Silvia Mihaila
FA-CPS341 Omics in Oncology – coordinator Serena di Palma