Docentenportal Farmaceutische Wetenschappen

Information in English

This portal for teachers is a ‘gateway’ for information available on internet about teaching at Utrecht University (UU), Faculty of Science, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In addition, it contains extra information about the different teaching programs of our department and relevant background information, for example about teaching concepts.

At this moment the portal is mainly in Dutch, and it links to Dutch internet pages. The exception is the information about the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) and the master Drug Innovation (DI). Also, the information about Research Based Learning, the basic teaching concept of the CPS, is in English.

For more information in English you can go to the intranet of the UUfor example information for new employees. Linked to the intranet of the UU is the intranet for Lecturers Faculty of Science. Especially here you can find a lot of information for lectures of the Faculty of Science, for example about Blackboard, course preparation, planning of education, professional development, quality care, and the organisation of Education-Science.

If you want to obtain a Basic Teaching Qualification please contact the ‘Onderwijsinstituut’ of our department and ask for more information about obtaining a BKO in English. To start the BKO-course you will need an approved teaching plan. You can use the special teaching plan form for that, which you can send to the ‘onderwijsinsituut‘. Make sure you fill in this form together with your tutor. The tutor is a senior teacher that you can choose yourself to guide you with your BKO-application.