Docentenportal Farmaceutische Wetenschappen

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS)

The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) is a three-year Bachelor’s programme in Drug Development. Future pharmaceutical scientists need to be skilled, among other things, in multidisciplinary problem solving, collaboration and creative thinking. Therefore, research and inquiry based learning is the main method of instruction where students work on real-life biomedical or pharmaceutical problems. In addition, the curriculum contains a lot of practicals and an undergraduate research project. All courses are on honours level and taught in English. Over the past years, approx. 40 students per year are enrolled.

For more detailed information about the content of the programme see the website for prospective studentsand the information site for current CPS students.

More information about the conceptual framework of the CPS and an evaluation of the first years of the CPS can be found in:
Evaluation Report 2010-2015
– Irma Meijerman, Jan Nab, Andries. S. Koster (2016) Designing and implementing an inquiry-based undergraduate curriculum in pharmaceutical sciences.
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