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Unitas Pharmaceuticorum


The Utrecht Pharmaceutical Student Association “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum,” also known as U.P., was founded in 1894, making it the oldest faculty association in Utrecht It is open to all students studying Pharmaceutical Sciences in Utrecht, including Pharmacy, Drug Innovation, and CPS students. With over 1400 members, U.P. is the largest pharmaceutical association in the Netherlands and produces more than three-quarters of the graduated pharmacists.

As a study association, we maintain close contact with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences to bridge the gap between students and the department. Especially now that the new curriculum has been implemented, we strive to guide the study in the best possible way. Therefore, we play an important role in evaluations and handling complaints to improve education. In addition, we organize extracurricular activities such as symposia and excursions. U.P. also offers the opportunity to purchase new books at a reduced price. U.P. facilitates the recording of lectures, which can be accessed through a unique link for each lecture. U.P. also organizes the annual Teacher-Student Sports Tournament and Teacher-Student Quiz to maintain a good relationship with our teachers.

Over its 128-year history, U.P. has developed rich traditions. Thanks to the dedication of its many members who serve in various committees, U.P. can organize a wide range of activities. These activities contribute to knowledge enrichment through scientific events and provide necessary relaxation. U.P. organizes symposia, excursions to pharmaceutical companies, social gatherings, and parties. Additionally, U.P. celebrates its Dies Natalis in November, which is the anniversary of the association. It is a week filled with activities ranging from a symposium to a gala. To document all these activities, a committee produces an annual yearbook, the almanac. This book allows you to look back on the entire year with reports of all activities, many photos, and information related to Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Teachers can stay informed about U.P.’s activities by visiting If there are any questions, you can contact us by sending an email to or by calling 030 253 5788.