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Educational programmes Pharmaceutical Sciences

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The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides three programmes: the Bachelor of Pharmacy, including the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS), the Master of Pharmacy, and the Master of Drug Innovation.
The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Pharmacy together form the six-year programme to become a pharmacist. A student with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy can also enroll in the Master of Drug Innovation or in another (Life Science) research Master’s program at Utrecht University or elsewhere.
The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) is an English-taught (honours) Bachelor’s programme that trains students to become researchers in Pharmaceutical Sciences. After completing the CPS, a student can proceed to the two-year Master’s programme in Drug Innovation or another (Life Science) research Master’s programme. A CPS student can also be admitted to the Master’s programme in Pharmacy, but they will need to take several additional courses, for example, in the elective courses within the CPS.

Please refer to the organization page for more information about the educational organization of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the contact page for relevant points of contact within the department.